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Custom made

Big nets
Love nest
Art installations
Sun shelters
Carpets and more...

Transforming the atmosphere


The presence of an artpiece in a space - indoors and outdoors - has the power to transform our experience of the space and the way we connect to each other. All the more powerful it can be when the artwork is custum made to reflect and emanate the energy, theme or atmosphere that you want to invite into the space.


You are invited to call me at +31630249671 to discuss how my work can bring new energy into your space.

Get started: 


Contact me to plan a personal consultation:

Phone: 0031630249671

 info [at]

Address: Plantage doklaan 8

1013PX Amsterdam

Personal consultation


Each commission can include a personal consultation at your location so that I can make a plan matching to your vision and the practical possibilities concerning your space.

Theme and material selection


The theme, atmosphere, intention or color scheme of your custum piece is defined. Reflective and calming or playful and vibrant. The theme may arise from your personal collection of textiles - in remembrance and honoring their origin - or from any color scheme to which I will match my vast collection of recyclable textile left overs.

Short on time?


I understand that not everyone has time to be involved in the creation process - It is your choice how little or how much you are involved. You may also want to have a look at my stocked products

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