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'Frequency paint'

Spreading happy and healing vibes with henna, schminck and bodypaint

With henna and colorful paint I make drawings to help invite any desired experience into your life. Thick viny roots with flowers from the feet up to invite feeling grounded and connected to the earth. A huge blossoming flower on the heart to invite the experience of feeling courage. A waterfall throughout the body to invite the opening up of blockages. All paintings are made and designed on the spot can can take between 5 minutes to 5 hours per person (depending on size, design and context).

Custom ceremony

Add more meaning to events, festivals, personal celebrations of love, life and goodbyes.

I offer a personalized concept, design and the creation of a ritual or ceremonial centerpiece. I am happy to guide a ceremony. You are welcome to be involved in the concept as much as you want. this can be for instance a wishing ritual, a gratitude offering, welcoming, releasing, integrating and a celebrating ceremony.  


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